About us

Who are we?

Christian Audio-Visual Action, known as CAVA, partners with churches, Christian organizations as well as individuals, to enable believers to evangelize in Southern Africa. CAVA is a non-profit ministry that seeks to produce / distribute relevant and affordable Christian literature and audio-visual material. Based in Harare, Zimbabwe, the ministry has a staff of 10.

Although there is a direct relationship with the Reformed Family of Churches of Zimbabwe and the Western Cape in South Africa, we have a strong ecumenical thrust and seek to serve the church of Jesus Christ at large.

Our History

This ministry started in the 1970’s when missionaries wanted to address the needs of the Zimbabwe farm-workers. Sets of literature, audio-cassettes and picture books were made available to farmers with a batteryless cassette player that generated power with a lever that kids turned as they were listening to the lessons. Since then CAVA has developed into a three-fold ministry:

  1. Printing and Literature
  2. Audio-Visual
  3. Discipleship / Leadership Training